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We are a small team and all the team members are on support.

You will receive personal support from the team member who made Simulify.
We want you to know we are there to address your concerns ALWAYS.

Who will I be talking to?

As of now Vikas OR Dilshad.

We want you to be able to get to us.

Contact us straight ONLINE at - Drop a email for any issue here and we will get back within 2 hr or max within 12 hr.
  • Skype - simulify Add me to Skype
  • Gtalk/AOL -
  • Yahoo/Msn -
Brick & Mortar Contact eReliant Software Services,
W-316, SPIC IT Centre, PEC Campus, Sector 12,
India – 160012
phone - (+91)987-948-6775
Or follow us on and leave a message.
Or Check out

We believe support is what will make us sustain.

We know that great customer service is the only way to get above the noise.

Any Issues , Questions, Suggestions?

Please email us or call us any questions or issues you are having. You can also press the FEEDBACK button on the left. We will try to be available in real-time so that you can talk / chat in real-time on skype, Gtalk or Phone.

How quickly do you resolve technical issues?

As we are web based and don't have to push any updates to you, our turnaround in these issues will be very fast.
We will keep everyone posted on where the resolution stands.

Get help from community

We have a get Satisfaction site for gathering your valuable feedback and in time we are sure there will be a knowledgebase there. You can always send an email or IM message on skype, Gtalk & Yahoo IM.

New features?

We will be listining to the community as to what features are mosty in demand.
We have our own list also and intend to have a better / new feature every 2 weeks. Keep yourself current to new developments, subscribe to our Blog, twitter feed or follow a topic in get Satisfaction forum.