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We have felt the pain. This is our relief

Easily demonstrate the Simulation online to clients & team members
Gather In-Context feedback, comments & requirements from them Globally

Who are we?

We are a small team, based in picturesque Chandigarh, India.

Team Simulify works on & is on lookout for cool projects.

If you have a project that need expertise in Browser based Applications, Javasctipt. SaaS, .net, Adobe AIR, Flex, Php and Sql , then hire Team Simulify.

It's on these projects that simulify has cut it's teeth.

We now also work on Simulify related services.

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Why did you make Simulify?

Well we have been taking projects and miscommunication has been one of the main issues that we faced. We created Simulify initially for smallish internal use and used in on our projects.

The key is that the client should be able to articulate his ideas and visualization taken to level of simulation is the key.

The current version is a new version based on what we felt was really helpful, cutting out quite some features from what we had before

These are the Scenarios where we believe Simulify is very helpful.

We believe in

User Interface is the product

If something is confusing, slow, or a pain to use, it won't get used. It's that simple. Why do people love Gmail. Because of the interface. They don't know and care what is used to make it, what is in the backend. And thus Simulify is geared towards getting this aspect right, before anything is actually built.

Convey Idea with Visualization

Conveying of idea, by being able to visualize your thoughts quickly & simply and to be able to share with everyone.

Getting it right the first time

'Get' means   what the application / websites means to the actual user.
You should be able to make a visual simulation of the final site or application, involve end users in the process and instead of review meeting, corrections review meeting cycle, make corrections On-The-Go and gather feedback in context.
No need for written specifications for interface - (look, behavior & flow) which are around 60% of total written specifications. This results in Less clutter and more clarity in functional specification.

End user involvement before development

The end user should be able to touch & feel the site/ application before it gets built. And their suggestions and feedbacks should be the guide how the system will behave.

Small business Level the playing field

To allow freelancers & small to medium software development firms to define & develop projects better. Especially in the times when they and the clients are at different locations.

No recurring review meetings

The tyranny of recurring review meetings should belong to dustbin of history.