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Now try out New way to make ptototypes in Keynote, Powerpoint or Google Docs.

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Show it to the world or selected persons & get their feedbacks

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Show it to the world or selected persons & get their feedbacks

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Why Simulify?

Simulify is all about getting the projects Right the First time. Simulify is Quick, Simple & Elegant and you can try it for free.

  • Convey your idea, simply & quickly.
  • Choose pencil sketch look OR standard look
  • Share your creations with Anyone - Anywhere - Anytime.
  • Let people leave in context feedback.
  • Instant changes! Live updates & collaboration.

How can Simulify help me?

Simulify makes it easy to conceptualize a project individually or in a group based environment, with co-workers and clients.

Create Interactive prototype of Web Application
Add notes and gather In Context feedback
Add Interactivity on-the-go
Share simulations internally or with clients

Dead Simple & hassle-free

Simulify is very simple to use. All you need is web browser. No need to download, install, or configure anything. Similarly to show, share & collaborate on simulations with clients is also equally easy as they also just need a browser.

Who will uses Simulify?

Well I hope YOU. Infact anyone who wants to define a web application / site. 

Small businesses,   Freelancers, Designers, Project managers, Business Analysts, Stake Holders.